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Just because I love them!

Just because I love them!

I’m just taking s simple poll!! Reblog if you are a fan of Tony Goldwyn!!!






All Day…Every Day!!!!!!

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Happy Birthday Olivia Pope - The Dubai Fic


scandalgalore requested a fic about Fitz taking Olivia to Dubai for her birthday. This is the result from my twisted , sleep deprived brain. Be forewarned….NSFW

Olivia rubbed her eyes. She sat in her office sending a few last minute emails for their most recent case. As she closed her email she smiled at the picture on her computer’s desktop, she and Fitz during his first Presidential campaign. Their heads were close as they perused some notes she held in her hand. It wasn’t visible in the photo but his hand had rested on her lower back. The smiles they wore in that picture, before Mellie had found out about them, before Defiance, before she had resigned, were pure bliss.

She sighed, suddenly feeling sad and exhausted. He hadn’t called her. Normally she wouldn’t be so bothered but it was her birthday, a day she never dreamt he would forget.

A knock on the door brought her attention back to the present.

“Hey Liv” Abby smiled in the doorway, “Are we still on for birthday drinks?”

“Definitely” she tried to sound happy.

“We’re heading out.  Do you want us to wait?”

                Olivia waved her hand, gesturing for them to go ahead, “I’m finishing a few last minute emails then I’ll meet you. An hour tops.”

                Olivia turned back to her computer. She was finished all of her work for the day but she needed a minute to herself. She opened her desk drawer and pulled out her two cell phones, one that served as her personal phone and the other, her burner phone, her “Fitz phone”. Her personal cell had several texts from close friends wishing her well on her special day but the burner phone had nothing. He really had forgotten her birthday. She sighed, accepting the fact that perhaps she had pushed him too far one too many times. Picking up her purse she tucked the phones inside and closed her laptop.  As she walked out of her office she wiped at the tears that had welled in her eyes. The first birthday in nearly four years without as much as a “hi” from Fitz.

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One more question...



So we all spoke about this for the past couple of weeks….

But everyone knows that no one supposedly gets out of B613 right? So why is Jake STILL wanting Liv to run away with him? That would put them both in danger. I mean, even Jake said it himself this…

Lmfaooo you right!



Happy Tony Tuesday!

Happy Tony Tuesday!



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Scandal Rant


I’m sick of the Fitz hate. No one cares to try and see it through his eyes. He gave Mellie PLENTY of outs, he gave her chances to have her own happiness via divorce and what does she do? Act like a child and tear the papers that listed her exceptional political future. She also almost killed her…



Escandalo is better than this ish!



1. I saw TOO MUCH Mellie and Andrew.

2. Why did they make Harrison out to be an idiot!

3. They took away my Olitz. SR reduced them to every basic adulterous relationship. Fitz only lspet with Olivia because Mellie wouldn’t give him any! What kind of bullshit is that?! If that was so true why wasn’t he jumping for joy when Mellie tried to give him a bj in the shower during season2? He is in love with Oivia but SR is trying to negate what she fought so hard to make us believe. Kerry and Tony need to walk away from this shit!

Why can’t SR make up her mind? The kids are older than they should be.

Olivia who said she likes to help people is now being called the help?

Fitz who was never really been in love with Mellie only stopped loving her because she wouldn’t have sex with him?!

This is BULLSHIT. Plain and simple. I’mma just stick to fanfic for now because at least the authors stay to one damn storyline and they follow through. They don’t try to negate what they fought so hard to promote. SR should take some notes!

The only good about this episode was Morris, Ella, Teddy, and to some degree Olivia becoming THE OLIVIA POPE AGAIN. It was also nice to know that Kerry had Tony with her every step of the way while filming this shit. Poor Tony had direct this but he did good..



Happy Tony Tuesday!

Happy Tony Tuesday!