I need to see that scene again. I’m sorry, I know it ain’t gon lead to nothing good in regards to the show, but the way Tony/Fitz grabbed her and was talking to her in his sexy ass baritone makes me wanna call my “friend” and get some shit poppin off….😏😩😫

Olivia dont appreciate him. Uh ah. How u get with joke when u can have a fitz? Why want a twig when u can climb a tree? Why have a breadstick when u can have a baguette? Olivia, girl…BYE.

But ssshhhhiiiieeetttt Liv don’t appreciate him, bring his ass here! I’ll appreciate him all night, day, midday, afternoon!!!!

GIRRRRRL…lemme be good and stop lusting after this married man…on the show and in real life. He makes a chick question her morals and we cant be having have that.

Foreal foreal lol

Baguette line got me WEAK !!!! Lmaooooooooo

Y’all noticed the difference though , didn’t you…


…Joke talking ‘bout he reaches her in places that Fitz has never - you saw it didn’t you?  Fitz hadn’t even reached yet and he make her forget how to speak in English…Home girl couldn’t even mutter much less utter words…

…Reach that, Joke; Liv be defending dissertations, giving motivational speaches and ish when she with you. Fitz make her forget how to speak…

…and what you got, Jake the Joke - I’m waiting….


I am insanely #weak! Bruhh said “motivational speeches”.